ambitious little note: play the long game

just a quick note to remind you, inspire you, or motivate you.

Play the Long Game

There’s really no such thing as overnight success. Everyone that you have seen succeed have been grinding behind the scenes for years and years to reach their success. Nobody sees that part though. With this in mind, stop looking for the get rich quick schemes or short cuts because these are not going to be long term things. If you want to be successful and really grow and become better or do better, you have to look at the long term goals. The goal is to stay in the game, not burn out before you even get started.

In business – playing the long game is about looking at strategies and processes that will work in years to come. Building out your customer service so in a few years, your customers are doing the talking for you. If you’re creating content, create content that will continue to bring in traffic in years.

In fitness – don’t look at how you can lose 10 pounds in a week. Look at how your lifestyle is going to look in a year or two when you are in shape and feeling good.

In motivation – while external factors can motivate us, what’s the motivation you are going to hold onto years from now when you’ve been in business for years? Think deeply about what intrinsically motivates you.

Chasing all these short term strategies are going to have you distracted when you can be building a foundation that will exponentially pay you back years from now. It’s about delayed gratification. You’ll find the outcome more worth it if you play the long game.