ambitious little note: play the long game

just a quick note to remind you, inspire you, or motivate you. Play the Long Game There’s really no such thing as overnight success. Everyone that you have seen succeed have been grinding behind the scenes for years and years to reach their success. Nobody sees that part though. With this in mind, stop looking […]

ambitious little note: hardships are your superpower

just a quick note to remind you, inspire you, or motivate you. Hardships are Your Superpower Everyone in life goes through rough times, life changing moments, and hardships. Most people want to avoid those times but as we all know, life likes to throw curveballs at us and we can’t control it. The good thing […]

ambitious little note: always be a work in progress

just a quick note to remind you, inspire you, or motivate you. Always be a work in progress. One of my favorite ways to view life is to believe that we are always a work in progress. Life is about the journey and we should always continue to push that journey. As humans we can […]

How to set your day up for success + a free workbook.

When your alarm goes off in the morning… are you jumping out of bed and ready to take on the day or are you the person that snoozes a million times? Does your morning routine set you up for the day or are you busy running out the door forgetting to grab your keys? What […]

finding balance between life and work

we don’t believe in balance You might be thinking… what, isn’t that what we are all striving for? But allow us to explain. There is nobody that truly has it all together. While we can strive and try to balance everything out between work, relationships, family, self care and every other thing going on in […]

your guide to digital planning

what is digital planning? A digital planner is like having a physical paper planner but in digital form to use with a tablet and stylus. It is similar to having the monthly tabs, having extra inserts, having note pages, etc. You might have started seeing them become more and more common because they are so […]

getting clarity // defining your vision and your why

Clarity creates simplicity When you go on a road trip, you have a map to help guide you to your destination in the best possible route. Without the map, there would be distractions and detours. However, a map gives you a clear view of where you are going and you can enjoy the trip along […]