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Clarity creates simplicity

When you go on a road trip, you have a map to help guide you to your destination in the best possible route. Without the map, there would be distractions and detours. However, a map gives you a clear view of where you are going and you can enjoy the trip along the way. This is the same idea for being intentional with your life and getting clear on what you want, where you’re going, and how are you going to get there? That is why you need a vision to understand where you are going in life. Sometimes we are confused in what we want to achieve in life, what our end goals are, what we are passionate about and what are values are. 

I struggled for a long time before I was really able to pinpoint what I want in life and how I plan to achieve it. Our goal is to walk you through some exercises that we took to clarify our vision. These exercises are good for your life vision and business clarity. My life mission pours into my mission for my business. 

Be the Version that you want to become

We act in accordance to who we think we are. For example, if you constantly tell people “I’m not a runner” then you will definitely not be a runner. If you think that you aren’t a business owner, then you won’t start the business or it will hold you back from growing your business. You will make decisions from where you think you are lacking. The goal is to vision yourself as you want to be. If you want to become a more outgoing person, then start doing things that are more outgoing. An outgoing person is going to say yes to networking opportunities, doing more group things, meeting new people etc. So if you want to be that person, then make decisions as if you are already in that position. 

Decide the Version that you want to become

This is a great time for you to write down your dream and to get out on paper the type of person you dream of becoming. 

What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want to be remembered? If nobody was watching, what kind of person would you choose to become? What is the best version of yourself? What kind of decisions would you make when you become this version?

Get Clear on Your Values

I’m going to be completely truthful, when I first started this journey, any time i heard something about values and a mission statement, I would roll my eyes and say “but that doesn’t apply to me” or “I don’t need that, it’s just me in this company” and now I’m a firm believer in establishing values for you and your brand. I highly recommend not skipping this step, even if it sounds cheesy.

• Why Values are Important //
By knowing your values, you’re able to know who you are and what you stand for. The values gives you guidelines or standards on what is important to you and you can use those values to navigate the next steps in your business. For example, let’s say an opportunity arises for your business and you are unsure if you should take the job/opportunity. You can look at the projected outcome of the opportunity and see if it aligns and satisfies your values. If it doesn’t, and you still choose to take the opportunity, you might lack fulfillment or happiness because it goes against your values. 

• Brainstorm Your Values //
Start brainstorming all possible values and compile them in a list. Questions to ask yourself when brainstorming your values –
– at a meaningful moment in your life, what values were you honoring at this time?
– at a time when you were angry, what value was being suppressed?
– Beyond basic needs, what value brings you the most fulfillment?

• Group similar values //
and then rate them in order of importance

• Narrow your list down to 5 core values //
If you really want to go the extra mile you can write a sentence explaining why these are your values. Display these values somewhere you can see them or even on your website. Refer back to them as needed. As you start taking actions you might find that one or two might need to change so adjust accordingly.

discovering your big vision.

Now is the time to start mapping out a vision and the best thing is to get them all out on paper. Start a mind map or just start writing out ideas. 

• How do you see yourself or your business involving in a year? in 3 years?
• What are you passionate about?
• What problem do you wholeheartedly want to solve for people?
• What are your strengths?
• Who do you want to serve?
• How will you measure your success?
• What transformation do you want clients to have?
• How do you want to make people feel?

Keep writing but don’t limit yourself. You don’t have to think logically yet. This is just getting ideas out of your head.

Turn that Vision into Purpose

Now we are going to take your passion, expertise, and strengths to turn your vision into a purpose. 

Answer the following questions for each area:

Passions – 
– What lights you up inside?
– When you’re happy, what is it that you are doing?
– If money wasn’t an issue what would you want to accomplish?

Natural Strengths –
– What are you naturally good at?
– What came easy for you as a child?
– What do people usually tell you you’re good at?

Expertise / Value –
 What areas you mostknowledgeable about?
– What areas can you be a leader in?
– Think of a time you genuinely helped someone, what did you do?


What industry/business idea fits within the overlapping areas? If you are a student looking for a career, what career will encompass what you answered?

Get Clarity by Taking Action

I think these are all great stepping stones to help get you started but the best way that I have found clarity and more about my goals in life is to actually do the things. As I started choosing goals and achieving them, I learned more about what I liked, didn’t like, and when to change or pivot. Continue to check in with yourself and your goals. Follow your gut instincts because they will send you in the right direction.

vision and vlaues
vision and vlaues


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