finding balance between life and work

we don’t believe in balance

You might be thinking… what, isn’t that what we are all striving for? But allow us to explain. There is nobody that truly has it all together. While we can strive and try to balance everything out between work, relationships, family, self care and every other thing going on in your life… there isn’t a way to truly have it all balanced at the same time. However, you can work on different areas of your life at different times to create a better life.

We create unwanted stress on ourselves when we think we have to have it all together all the time. Instead, we have to change the mindset, that you can have it all together, it just doesn’t have to be altogether at one time.

Instead of Balance… we believe in seasons of hustle and flow

Most of the time I LOVE working… I would choose to work every day if I could. Sometimes, I don’t feel motivated to work at all and then I make myself feel guilty and stressed that I’m not working. However, I had to make the mindset shift because I was feeling awful about myself all the time. I had to come to a moment that if I wanted to take the day off, then I can appreciate it fully and not feel drawn to my computer. I realized that there need to be priorities at different times in my life. This is where the seasons of Flow come in. I let the seasons come in as they please.

There are seasons of Growth, Consistency, and Constraint.

Growth seasons can look like starting a new business, creating a new lifestyle change, saying yes to more things, and getting out of your comfort zone. Consistency seasons can look like maintaining and systemizing clients, continuing with your habits, repeating the processes that you know work. Constraint seasons are can include saying “no” to new clients, stopping bad habits, simplifying your business goals, etc.  

All seasons apply to the bigger picture. Sometimes you have to say “no” to new clients because you want to be involved with family life more. There are trade offs that will be made. When you are in a specific season give that season your focus. 

Learning to not force the season

Priorities are constantly going to be changing and sometimes the timing just isn’t right. I have a lot of ideas and goals that I want to achieve but I have to be aware of when the timing is right then I will be able to act on those ideas. For now, it’s deciding which projects are a priority based on what feels right to me. Forcing something against your own will or intentions will make the task harder and lack of motivation. Let the right season flow for which priorities you should focus on. 

Planning for the next season

We only plan 90 days ahead of time because we never know what life is going to throw at us, how we are going to feel, or what opportunities will arise. The most important part is knowing what season you are in and planning accordingly. In a season of growth, there might be more planning and more people involved because you have a lot more going on. In a season of constraint you might be saying “no” to more things so that you can have more time for what you want. 

The Mindset Makeover

Instead of trying to have it all together, realize that there will be different seasons for different reasons. Do not compare your season of constraint to someone else’s season of growth. 

Understanding what balance truly means


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