your guide to digital planning

what is digital planning?

A digital planner is like having a physical paper planner but in digital form to use with a tablet and stylus. It is similar to having the monthly tabs, having extra inserts, having note pages, etc. You might have started seeing them become more and more common because they are so amazing to use. You can add stickers or keep it minimal or you can add photos and use as a journal. The possibilities are endless.

Digital Planner includes “hyperlinks” that allow you to interact with the planner and allow you to click on tabs and go directly to that section of the planner. Making it extremely easy to navigate. 


What you need to start digital planning:


A Tablet and Stylus

We prefer the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil to get the most realistic feel of a paper planner. You can also use any other tablet and stylus but the accuracy might not be as precise. 


A Note Taking App

You will need to download an app that allows you to read the Planner PDF File. We prefer GoodNotes 5 app which is a paid app ($7.99).
Other apps include: Notability, Noteshelf 2, and Xodo. You can alway search the app store for Annotate PDF readers.


A Planner

You will need to purchase a planner that is designed for interacting with Note taking apps. While you can import any PDF, a planner needs to have one with hyperlinks so that you can navigate through it easily.

Why we love digital planners

• It is paperless and environmentally friendly

• We can sync the planner across all of our devices so we can have it with us at all times without having to carry around a big bulky planner

• You can use it for notes and keeping everything organized in one planner. I hate having to go through a million planners and notebooks, instead we have them all in one place.

• If you already have an iPad, it gives you another way to make great use out of it.

• For our planners, you can customize them so that you can actually use them for the way that YOU plan. I could never find a planner that truly had everything that I wanted, now you can move, delete, and add pages to the way that you like them.

• If you get an undated planner, you are able to reuse it over and over without having to purchase a new one each year.

• It’s the only type of planning that allows me to actually stay on track and keep planning.

I used to be the paper Planner person

I know it might seem hard to make the switch to digital planner. I was the stationery junkie. I had all the pens, all the notebooks, sticky notes, and more. But it wasn’t practical. I was letting everything pile up and i never would get through a full planner or full notebook and then I would have to throw it away. So I understand the love of paper products but the iPad and Apple Pencil make it feel like you are still doing the same thing.

Where to find Digital Planners

We offer digital planners in our shop but you can find digital planners on Etsy as well. However, our planners are different in that we have the core planners, extra covers, and extra inserts because we want you to customize the planner in the way that it works for you.

Additional Links

• Apple iPad Pro – 12.9 inch

• Apple Pencil – 2nd Generation

•  Paper Like iPad Screen Protector – This makes writing on your planner even easier. 


So is digital planning for you?

Try our free digital planner starter pack below. We want to give you a chance to try it out, see what works for you, and if you want to make the switch.

Everything you need to know about digital planners


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